Why Should I Pay For Access When WordPress Information Is Free?

A little research with Google will find lots and lots of WordPress information online that you can access without charge and without having to sign up for anything. That's cool. But is it really free? What is your time worth while doing the research? How much time will you spend figuring out if you have the right information? There is a lot of bad advice on the Internet. What will that cost you if you implement the wrong thing and later have to go back to square one? So what do we do for you?

WordPress Business Network

We do the research. We spend the time sifting through the results and ensuring only accurate and valid material is presented to you. Additionally, we provide a point of contact to bring your questions and calls for help where you know you can get quality, authoritative, responses.

Further, we provide a community of other like-minded serious WordPress professionals with whom you can interact, share, and from whom you can learn. You know these are serious people because they have paid for access too.

Additionally, but certainly not least, we provide access to key products and services as membership includes and bonus extras. These are things like Video User Guides, a $10/month premium plugin video service, and WPTrainMe, a business plugin that adds 250 important training sessions right into the WordPress dashboard. That's another $6/month premium extra at no additional cost for monthly subscribers. There's more. And still more is being added regularly.

Our members community includes a private facebook group, an on-site discussion forum, and special on-one-one coaching support. That's a powerful combination that could cost you hundreds of dollars monthly if you could piece it together from other sources on your own. For a ridiculously low, on-time, lifetime membership payment you get access to most of it. For an affordable monthly payment you can get access to it all.

Join WordPress Business Network Today

We know WordPress. We're WordPress professionals who use WordPress in our businesses 24-7. Join us to find out what the pros are really doing with WordPress. Become one of those pros! CLICK HERE to join us today.

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