Woo Sensei LMS Plugin OverviewCourse Overview: This tutorial is a brief overview of Woo Sensei, a learning management system (LMS), using material from the Sensei installation and user documentation and videos. Although we don't use Sensei on this site we do like the resource and, if you are not able to construct your own lesson pages using the WordPress page editor, you may find it useful for your needs.

Course Level: Beginner. This material is suitable for anyone.


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Lesson 1: Woo Themes Sensei Overview

Woo Themes Sensei Overview

Teaching coursework has never been easier, all within WordPress. With the Sensei plugin you can create courses, write lessons, add quizzes, set lesson and course prerequisites, allow user registration, and even charge for your course content using WooCommerce if you want.

Seamless WP Integration

Using Sensei is as easy as creating a WordPress page or post, with it being powered by it's own "Lessons" custom post type. The plugin is designed around the intuitiveness of the WordPress user interface.

Quick user registration

Signing up for a course is super easy with Sensei using the WordPress user registration facilities. Learners then have access to the Sensei dashboard where they can track their course/lesson progress.

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Lesson 2: Woo Themes Sensei Basic Settings

Woo Themes Sensei Basic Settings

When setting up Sensei, if you choose Install Pages it should automatically insert the Sensei shortcodes on your page to display Sensei content. If you do not see content on your Sensei archive page, please ensure the page is using one of the following shortcodes:

Once you have activated the plugin and installed the pages, you can see the settings panel for Sensei. From here you can configure the plugin with a variety of simple options with descriptions of what each one controls.

  • General Settings
  • Course Settings
  • Lesson Settings
  • Learner Profiles
  • WooCommerce Settings1

1If WooCommerce is active on your WordPress site.

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Lesson 3: Woo Themes Sensei Adding Content

Woo Themes Sensei Adding Content

Now that you've got Sensei installed and configured you will want to add content in the form of courses, classess, lessons, and quizes.

The video below covers adding content to Sensei:

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Lesson 4: Woo Themes Sensei Pre-Requisites

Woo Themes Sensei Pre-Requisites

After you’ve added multiple courses, you can set a Course Prerequisite requiring learners to complete a course before completing this one.

The video below covers the pre-requisite settings:

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Lesson 5: Woo Themes Sensei & WooCommerce

Woo Themes Sensei & WooCommerce

Sensei will detect if our e-Commerce plugin, WooCommerce, is installed. It will by default enable the ability to link a Course to a WooCommerce product. This will allow a user to purchase a course on your site. This functionality is optional and can be switched off should you want to use WooCommerce for another purpose.

You can edit the Sensei WooCommerce Settings on your own installation here:

Dashboard -> Sensei -> Settings -> WooCommerce Settings

The video below provides a brief overview of these settings and Sensei you can interface with WooCommerce so you can charge for your courses. Woo Sensei will also work well with S2Member Framewok. Note that S2Member Framework membership plugin allows you to charge for courses or include them at no additional charge directly to the public or as part of any controlled membership level.

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