WooCommerce Visual Hook Guide

Rodolfo Melogli has created an amazing WooCommerce Visual Hook Guide which anyone making modifications to WooCommerce will find very useful. Read this post for details about this guide and learn more about its author.

WooCommerce Visual Hook Guide

The visual display in the post provides the hook names, shown in the spots where they apply. Not only is it visual, it's all coded in HTML so you can easily copy and paste the hooks from where they are shown. No infographic stopping your copy/paste efforts here!

The author of the WooCommerce Visual Hook Guide offers numerous additional tips and tricks on his site for working with WooCommerce. He is also a WooCommerce professional whose services are available. Contact him through his website: businessbloomer.com.

WooCommerce Visual Hook Guide WP Business NetworkRodolfo Melogli is a published author, WooCommerce expert, Web Developer and Internet marketer. In 2011 he founded his own Web Agency. He works with small-to-medium businesses, helping them grow sales cost-effectively. He is the organizer of the Dublin Ecommerce, and the Dublin WooCommerce, meetups. He enjoys interacting with people, running on the beach and chasing tennis & soccer balls and, of course, he loves pizza too.

Rodolfo Melogli's book, Ecommerce and Beyond: 9 Steps to Skyrocket Your Sales Without a Degree in Rocket Science can be found on Amazon.

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