12 Video Tutorials To Help You Secure Your WordPress Website Or Blog

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Securing WordPress: These 12 tutorial videos provide an overview of how to secure WordPress. They cover numerous things you can do immediately and, in most cases, easily. These include: manual installation, one-click installation, securing FTP, configuration, admin access, secure hosting choices, passwords, database, brute force attacks, backup and restore, and more..

Securing WordPress is an important activity for you to undertake. You should not panic, though. WordPress is pretty secure right out of the box. And, there are so many WordPress sites out there that the chance of a hacker locking onto your site is actually less than you might think. However, it is the vast popularity and installed base of WordPress sites that currently makes it the number one target of many hackers.

These videos cover twelve specific things that answer the how to secure WordPress question with a dozen easy-to-implement solutions you can apply to your WordPress website installation today. The are not absolutes, and they do not represent everything you can do, but they make for a great beginning, providing a solid foundation for good WordPress security. You should view and implement these concepts today.

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Videos: How To Secure WordPress

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How To Secure WordPress

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Recommended Reading

There are lots of great books on WordPress and the various installation and security methods available. Here are four, provided through Amazon, to get your started. Any one of these books would be a good choice.

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